Client: Brooks Rehabilitation
Holistic Agency-of-Record Services
The Challenge

Brooks trusts Sparxoo to be the SME for the more technical/digital marketing aspects so they can fully focus on patients, which has always been their number-one goal and passion.

Our Approach

Throughout our relationship, Sparxoo has challenged the Brooks team — and vice versa. There’s been great collaboration and challenging one another to do bigger, better executions and break through the healthcare space, evident in aspects like the website, marketing videos for conferences and events, interviews with health and wellness experts and clinicians.



Regional COVID Print Ad
The Output

Over the course of our working relationship, we’ve put out varied marketing services and strategic initiatives, from Brooks’ website redesign and intranet implementation, to big concepts like their approach to branding. We created Brooks’ brand manual, designed logos for them, helped with their 50th Anniversary campaign, and even created an animation to highlight their sponsorship of the University of Florida Jacksonville Jaguars.

It is a privilege to work with the passionate, people-focused team at Brooks, and help bring their story to life. Highlighting the heroes of healthcare inspires our team to do our best work.

Rob Kane, Sparxoo President

Brooks Rehabilitation Homepage
System of Care Video
Interactive Timeline Concepts for the Brooks Rehabilitation Lobby
The Impact

Sparxoo’s partnership with Brooks has led to increased awareness and recognition for Brooks across the US, and a clearer understanding of the Brooks System of Care among the public. Brooks Rehabilitation has exciting plans for growth over the next five years, including the addition of a new 60-bed hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.